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How to choose an alarm system for your home in NYC

smart house NYCHow to choose an alarm system for your home in NYC - Smart House NYC!


1. Consult with a security systems company with good reputation. City IT Service is one of the leaders it NYC, Manhattan, NY.
2. Check your house and determine how many doors and windows you want to integrate the security system. Determine the distance between doors, windows and control panel, so you figure out how much cable (wire) you need to pull.
3. Decide if you want your security system be monitored 24/7 or if you want a system that can access previously stored emergency phone numbers.
4. Do you have family members who wake up in the middle of the night to eat a snack? You have a great dog or a beautiful cat that walks through the house at night? These things will have a big influence on which motion sensors you choose and install. Go with a control panel that covers all areas you have in the house.
6. Determine if the system of wires connecting the sensor panel is too long. If it is indeed too long, choose a wireless system.
7. Make sure the wireless system functions even in the farthest area of your home.
8. Make sure your chosen system comes with water detectors, and also with fire, carbon monoxide and gas sensors. Make sure there are panic buttons or may be included.
9. Choose a system that is easy to use.

10. Last but not least, make sure entering the access code is not a complicated process and can be quickly learned by all family members.

Smart House NYC - Upstate NY - New Jersey!

City IT Service offers smart house services to New York City, New Jersey and Up State New York area. Our smart house services include home automation services, audio and video services, Control 4 services. Call us for a free no obligation conversation. We design and implement any type of speakers, tv sets, electronic devices, cabling, etc.

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